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February 18
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[X-REF] Anxiety Axios by bieIIe [X-REF] Anxiety Axios by bieIIe


Anthro Ref:…

Made a new ref for Anxiety since some people either were misunderstanding her ref or getting things wrong ^^; Also added and changed some stuff. c:

Name: Anxiety Axios
Meaning of Name-
Anxiety: Feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease
Axios: Worthy, faith

Nicknames: "Anks", "Zyuh"
Meaning of Nicknames: Abbreviations of Anxiety, spelled as they are pronounced
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Biological Family: Vulpine/Canine
Species: Fennec Fox/Mutt

Birthday: June 7
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Colors: Blue
Lucky Number: Five, Nine
- Personality - Naive, overly trusting, worrisome, caring, nurturing, occasionally clingy, insecure, non-judgemental, loving, cautious, curious, patient, depressive, realistic, anxious, sensitive, defensive

-Body Information-
Size: Roughly 2 feet
Body Type: Hourglass shape, average body weight
Species Age Appearance: 3 years old
Actual Age: Bordering 20 years old
Pawpads: Pinkie is yellow and index is blue. Thumb is same as main pawpad. Use that to determine what finger is what.

Death, being alone, never getting married, never becoming self-dependent, failing in life over-all, losing her closest friends, breaking hearts, sickness, pain (emotional and physical)

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Drink: Hi-C Fruit Punch
Favorite Element: Earth
Favorite Animal: Foxes
Favorite Type of Music: Alternative, electronic, synthpop, dubstep, house

Usual Mood: Very worried, constantly over-thinking
Happy: Rarely happy. When she is, she appears as though she's faking it. Will only let on that she is truly happy to close friends.
Sad: Usually sleeps a lot or cries until she can't
Chaotic: Happens after an emotional breakdown or anxiety attack. Loses all her worried thoughts but takes on thoughts of destruction and harm. Will not show any sympathy towards herself or others. Tends to get out-of hand and hyper very quickly. Can also take on a deliberately annoying personality.

Collar is a physical expression of her emotions and mentality. It stays high up her neck and tightly there because it symbolizes the restrictions that anxiety can cause. It is tight to show how anxiety is always present. Worry is always there in the sub-conscious.

She loves plushies and clings to them for comfort and something to sleep with. Her main favorite is her zebra. Here are photos of the actual existing plush that she can be drawn with.

Art and Character bieIIe
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